Saturday, March 26, 2011

Japanese propriety

It is appreciated that our behavior in shelter is very courteous in the world...I considered why we can do it naturally.Our religeons are mainly Confucianism, Buddism and Shinto.Especially Bushi in Edo era was very influenced with Confucianism.In Confucianism, propriety is one of the most important teachings.And in Shinto is same.In no matter how terrible setback confront before, be cool and give love each other.That is teaching. We think it is very embarrassed to be upset in front of our difficulty as human beings.So, when earthquake occured, we acted on this teaching unconciously. I think so. But because for us, that behavior was so natural ,we are surprised that it was appriciated so much in the world.I learned..

Monday, March 14, 2011

We thank people in the world from Japan!!

We will build future again and again!!

We Japanese encountered earthquake and tsunami.Our setback is not far away.But we are doing our best!! I express my deepest gratitude to you by drawing!!Thank God and you!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hyper-dimensional world

Multi-dimensional Eye
 Accoding to "What's mine is yours?" by Rachel Bostman and Roo Rogers, "The average American child will produce in his or her lifetime twice the environmental impact of a Swedish child, 3 times that of an Italian, 13 times that of a Brazilian, 35 times that of an Indian 280 times that of a Haitian."
Then,"we seek spiritual satisfaction, our ego satisfaction in consumption.""We are always tempted by immediate self-gratification." - Throwaway Living such as disposable cups.
 I think ,not to destroy our environment, it is necessary that we develop new hyper-dimensional science, physics or chemistry as well as prevent environmental collapse.This piece is the symbol of my opinion as an artpiece.