Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Global warming?

This year, roses blooming in my mini garden. This phto on the left is taken in June.
 On the right: Taken in August. Full bloom.
 On the left: taken in November.

                                                      Below: in the late of December.

This phenomenon is incredible one. In Japan, usually roses bloom from June to August. In December, they are blooming..Maybe because of global warming. I am not a science specialist.But I have heard that the cause of global warming is not the increase of CO2. The reason is that the time of Co2  increase does not synchronize the time of rising temperature on the earth. If so, we are happy. Because population of human beings increasing rapidly and we expiring CO2 are not the cause of global warming!! Prosperity is good thing. Evolution is good thing. We have to proceed science to solve that problem and make efforts to open happy future.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Recovery Power

After the disaster in March, we were suffering from nuclear crisis and the lack of electricity.


We have recovery!!
As you look, many illuminations are brightening in Tokyo.

I felt immortal power in my country and admire our potential power.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Travel in Nepal

I went for a short trip to Nepal last week. I stayed in Lalitpur. The photo on the left hand side is Durbar Square in Lalitpur. Most of the monuments in this square date back to the medeval Malla period from 16th to 18th centuryand the monuments in the area are mostly credited to King Siddhi Nar Singh Malla, Shri Niwas Malla and Yog Narendra Malla.

There are many dogs in Nepal. Because they are holy animals, incarnations of God.
Happy new year decoration.
It was produced by my Nepalese friend.
The entrance of Golden Temple. Amazing sculptures!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The words I believe

You ca be King of your own kingdom of the mind.


You can also become great,
if you make a stock of lots of knowledge and experiences,
 and form a strong mind in you.


People provide love and mercy are people
 who can understand the reality of enlightenment,
or who received or felt the love from God.

by Ryuho Okawa, a master of Happy Science

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


 One sunny day, I meditated in the room. I remembered time I forgot for long time....Tranquility. I live in the big city, Tokyo.  Tokyo is moving all day and does not sleep. In the hustle and bustle, I notice I am not "I".  I cannot see myself.

To meditate, I can recover myself. In the stillness,
my sleeping mind is awaking. Maybe it is my subconsciousness. My subcosciouness wakes up!!

It is happiest time for me. MEDITATION!!

sleepless city, Tokyo.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Atern WM3500R - Wifi

Because I felt many lines running in my room are very incovenient, I bought wifi router, AternWM3500R by NEC. This is very smart. It can connect 7 equipments simultaneously, laptop computer, smartphone, desktop computer, iPad etc.
Connection is very fast and smooth. Color is 3 types,white, black and red. As you can see, I bought white one. Connection fee is a fixed amount and reasonable. It is very convenient and will relieve your stress. I recommend it.

Friday, September 2, 2011

A new bag is very excellent.

 I bought a new bag. This bag is made in German. It seems like Jost is military goods maker. This bag has excellent function.

 Used very durable fabric.
 There are many 6 pockets inside the bag. So we can classify valuables and stationaries , further iPad. And inside color is light brown, so I can find items easily.
It has magazines or clothes pocket. I am very impressed with that function.

This bag became my favorite one ;))

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Smart phone-Android IS05

I am very interested in natural remedies.
On the other hand, I think various IT instruments is a must.

I bought iPad 2. So, I got very convenient life.
The manipulation of SNS such as facebook became easy.
On going out, I can check it.

And I changed my smart phone to Android IS05.

That is what I have experienced actually. When earthquake occured in March 2011, I couldn't use phone connection after 5 minutes. Earthquake occured around 2:00 pm, Phone connection was cut all day.
Then I could use internet only.  so to make sure for my families' safety, I had to use Facebook message function by my smart phone. Fortunately, because my families had facebook account, I could check it. But if they didn't have their account,.......... I don't want to imagine.

Since that experiance, I think what we have IT instruments as new as possible is important.
For our safety.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Vasthi Therapy for the eys

I had a first experience of vasthi therapy for the eyes.

As you can see,to keep the ghee in place over the eye socket, gram powder mixed with water is made and stuck around both eye cavities.
A small amount of ghee melted to about 40 ℃ is poured into the watertight enclosure,it filled the contained area and makes the eyelashes sink shut.
While the ghee rested in its place,eyes should be rolled around,opened and closed , allowing the ghee's properties to be fully absorbed. At first I was concerned my eyes might be soared when opened my eyes in the ghee.But actually I didnot feel any pain like in the water, more comfortable rather.
After therapy, my eyes relieved and clear bright vision was returning. Therapist suggested once a week therapy was best. For me ,this therapy was very effective.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ayruvedic experience

Recently,I am interested in health care,especially Ayruveda. Having much more vegitables than I had, I check my health at ayruvedic salon once a month.
My favorite therapy is sirodhara.( on the left and under) After this therapy, fatigue on the head has reduced and clear vision returning on my body.

In spiritual mind, my thought gets sharp and new idea is inspired.maybe my chakras will activate.
Now once a month therapy is must for me.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Japanese propriety

It is appreciated that our behavior in shelter is very courteous in the world...I considered why we can do it naturally.Our religeons are mainly Confucianism, Buddism and Shinto.Especially Bushi in Edo era was very influenced with Confucianism.In Confucianism, propriety is one of the most important teachings.And in Shinto is same.In no matter how terrible setback confront before, be cool and give love each other.That is teaching. We think it is very embarrassed to be upset in front of our difficulty as human beings.So, when earthquake occured, we acted on this teaching unconciously. I think so. But because for us, that behavior was so natural ,we are surprised that it was appriciated so much in the world.I learned..

Monday, March 14, 2011

We thank people in the world from Japan!!

We will build future again and again!!

We Japanese encountered earthquake and tsunami.Our setback is not far away.But we are doing our best!! I express my deepest gratitude to you by drawing!!Thank God and you!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hyper-dimensional world

Multi-dimensional Eye
 Accoding to "What's mine is yours?" by Rachel Bostman and Roo Rogers, "The average American child will produce in his or her lifetime twice the environmental impact of a Swedish child, 3 times that of an Italian, 13 times that of a Brazilian, 35 times that of an Indian 280 times that of a Haitian."
Then,"we seek spiritual satisfaction, our ego satisfaction in consumption.""We are always tempted by immediate self-gratification." - Throwaway Living such as disposable cups.
 I think ,not to destroy our environment, it is necessary that we develop new hyper-dimensional science, physics or chemistry as well as prevent environmental collapse.This piece is the symbol of my opinion as an artpiece.

Monday, February 7, 2011

What is East or West ?

Explaining vital point
 What is the difference with East and West ? For me who raised in far-east Japan but much influenced from western world, very very interested in this theme.
 About the difference of philosophy, I think Western emphasize induction rather than deduction and Eastern emphasize vice versa.
 In the Western, the theory is generalized to analyze phenomenon with the naked eye.The method of analysis is logical.So thinking body is not spirit.On the other hand,in the Eastern, theory derives various facts ,grasped very intuitively and holistic,thinking body and spirit unify.
 But I think body and spirit do and don't unify ,so both are correct.
 Both philosophies have strong point and weak point.So for us, it is necessary to complement each other by better interaction and to drive for completing new world.
Chakra-Energy Center


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What is happiness?

Fortunately, the peaceful situation is continuing in Japan after World War Ⅱ.I don't know how  the future of Japan is. But as we look around the world, various conflicts are still continuing now. various causes generates various attacks. The difference of situation-culture, thinking, religeon and history makes us difficult to understand each other and to find out its solution.Now the system of world is very complicated. No person can understand all things. But we have to live in such hard world.So we should look for vision to bring better future and have clear vision to get to new frontier!!I think hope and future are in our mind.We have to draw happy future in our mind. Reality in our mind creates world.I believe that...

Sun knows our all things..actions, thinking and history.

Time is flowing like a spiral.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Dharma I drew.Very Imaginative Dharma.
In Buddism or Hinduism, it is said that Dharma shows Cosmos.

But it is very different from cosmos known in phisics.

Cosmos in phisics is basically three-dimensional one.

Recently, it is said  the fifth-dimensional cosmos may exist.

But not known how world it is.

Nonetheless,in Buddism or Hinduism the exist and situation of multi-dimensional cosmos is preached since

ancient era. Dharma is the very simple specifical map of multi-dimensional cosmos.

It 's very,very mysterious.....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The body is micro cosmos.

Body is very mysterious.

It is said that the body is the epitome of universe.

The laws of universe is harmony between planets and stars.

There are hamony of many systems such as immune,respiratory,digestive, cardiovascular ...and so
on in the body as well as those in the universe.

In both universe and body, refined balance of systems holds the harmony.

For me, that is very wonderful and mysterious.......