Monday, February 7, 2011

What is East or West ?

Explaining vital point
 What is the difference with East and West ? For me who raised in far-east Japan but much influenced from western world, very very interested in this theme.
 About the difference of philosophy, I think Western emphasize induction rather than deduction and Eastern emphasize vice versa.
 In the Western, the theory is generalized to analyze phenomenon with the naked eye.The method of analysis is logical.So thinking body is not spirit.On the other hand,in the Eastern, theory derives various facts ,grasped very intuitively and holistic,thinking body and spirit unify.
 But I think body and spirit do and don't unify ,so both are correct.
 Both philosophies have strong point and weak point.So for us, it is necessary to complement each other by better interaction and to drive for completing new world.
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