Friday, July 29, 2011

Vasthi Therapy for the eys

I had a first experience of vasthi therapy for the eyes.

As you can see,to keep the ghee in place over the eye socket, gram powder mixed with water is made and stuck around both eye cavities.
A small amount of ghee melted to about 40 ℃ is poured into the watertight enclosure,it filled the contained area and makes the eyelashes sink shut.
While the ghee rested in its place,eyes should be rolled around,opened and closed , allowing the ghee's properties to be fully absorbed. At first I was concerned my eyes might be soared when opened my eyes in the ghee.But actually I didnot feel any pain like in the water, more comfortable rather.
After therapy, my eyes relieved and clear bright vision was returning. Therapist suggested once a week therapy was best. For me ,this therapy was very effective.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ayruvedic experience

Recently,I am interested in health care,especially Ayruveda. Having much more vegitables than I had, I check my health at ayruvedic salon once a month.
My favorite therapy is sirodhara.( on the left and under) After this therapy, fatigue on the head has reduced and clear vision returning on my body.

In spiritual mind, my thought gets sharp and new idea is inspired.maybe my chakras will activate.
Now once a month therapy is must for me.