Thursday, January 13, 2011


Dharma I drew.Very Imaginative Dharma.
In Buddism or Hinduism, it is said that Dharma shows Cosmos.

But it is very different from cosmos known in phisics.

Cosmos in phisics is basically three-dimensional one.

Recently, it is said  the fifth-dimensional cosmos may exist.

But not known how world it is.

Nonetheless,in Buddism or Hinduism the exist and situation of multi-dimensional cosmos is preached since

ancient era. Dharma is the very simple specifical map of multi-dimensional cosmos.

It 's very,very mysterious.....

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  1. Hikari Hi, my name is Ricardo and I discovered your blog looking for artists and new trends I'm interested in all types of watercolors, seeing your blog I think you work with this technique if so I congratulate you for the great job you have I think a lot of creativity Greetings from the Canary Islands.