Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Global warming?

This year, roses blooming in my mini garden. This phto on the left is taken in June.
 On the right: Taken in August. Full bloom.
 On the left: taken in November.

                                                      Below: in the late of December.

This phenomenon is incredible one. In Japan, usually roses bloom from June to August. In December, they are blooming..Maybe because of global warming. I am not a science specialist.But I have heard that the cause of global warming is not the increase of CO2. The reason is that the time of Co2  increase does not synchronize the time of rising temperature on the earth. If so, we are happy. Because population of human beings increasing rapidly and we expiring CO2 are not the cause of global warming!! Prosperity is good thing. Evolution is good thing. We have to proceed science to solve that problem and make efforts to open happy future.

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