Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Smart phone-Android IS05

I am very interested in natural remedies.
On the other hand, I think various IT instruments is a must.

I bought iPad 2. So, I got very convenient life.
The manipulation of SNS such as facebook became easy.
On going out, I can check it.

And I changed my smart phone to Android IS05.

That is what I have experienced actually. When earthquake occured in March 2011, I couldn't use phone connection after 5 minutes. Earthquake occured around 2:00 pm, Phone connection was cut all day.
Then I could use internet only.  so to make sure for my families' safety, I had to use Facebook message function by my smart phone. Fortunately, because my families had facebook account, I could check it. But if they didn't have their account,.......... I don't want to imagine.

Since that experiance, I think what we have IT instruments as new as possible is important.
For our safety.

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