Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The difference from Japanese and English

The structure of Japanese is very different from that of English.

exm. 1
  I    gave    you    a present.
subject      verb           object 1                 object 2

The order of words is  S + V + O + O in English.

On the other hand, in Japanese

The last word is " gave " and the order of other words are changeable.

I    you    a present    gave.
I    a present    you    gave.

You    a present    I    gave.
You    I    a present    gave.

A present    you    I    gave.
A present    I    you    gave.

All is O.K. Besides, the subject " I " is occasionally omitted.
 I suppose the difference of  Japanese and English is due to that of
history of nation, culture and so on.
Japan is originally almost uni-racial nation.( strictly speaking, is not so.)
Since Japanese has been used to communicate with people who have the same
culture or background, omittion or change of words  haven't had difficulty with communication.
I guess so.


a present→プレゼントを
gave→あげた or  与えた
                         ageta                                ataeta

watasi-wa     anata-ni                     present-wo                     ageta


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