Friday, November 26, 2010

空 (ku) in Buddism

Character " 空 " reads " sora" , " kara " or " ku ".

If we read 空 " sora ", it means sky, If reading " kara ", meands empty.

" ku " have both meaning.

BUT in Buddism, 空 " ku " is very different meaning.


All lives and materials change variously.

For example,

H2O has three stage, vaper,water and ice in response to tempareture.


There are changes according to time,

Birth,growth, prosperity, declining and death.

空 (ku) is not nothing exists.

空 (ku) is that all things on the earth is variable.

In other words, there is nothing continues to exist on same condition eternally.

That is 空 (ku).

the trace of transformation-example of 空

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